Review of “Foreigner by Jan Sadeghian ,educator and writer

Review of “Foreigner by Jan Sadeghian ,educator and writer

It is not unusual for a person to be acquainted with someone but have little knowledge of their past, of their joys, their struggles and sufferings. I was so fascinated to learn of your journey from Nayriz to the United States. I feel like I know the people and places you wrote about so lovingly and vividly. The introduction to Nayriz through the Muslim call to prayer, portraying every aspect of life in a place plagued by ignorance and poverty, yet raised up an extensive and extraordinary Baha’i community, home to many of the most prominent Baha’is of the era, many of whom you have had personal connection with as a young boy. What a bounty!

As I read through the incredible history of your ancestors, I was humbled by the extraordinary sacrifices of each generation starting with the severe suffering of your great-great-great grandfather who survived the loss of his family in the most devastating of circumstances. Those of us who have come to the Faith in more recent years cannot imagine the consecration and dedication required of those precious souls who gave everything for a world whose future of love, social justice and peace, material and spiritual prosperity and harmony of thought and purpose is assured but whose reality is but a dim hope in today’s world.

Thank you for offering me the opportunity to read your manuscript in advance of its publication. Please know that I look forward to reading the final version which, I anticipate, will include many photos from this incredible journey.

With so much gratitude and abundant love and prayers for you, Tahirih and your precious family,

Jan Sadeghian