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He has been a resident of New York City for all of his adult life. He served as Treasurer of the Spiritual Assembly of the Baháís of the City of New York for many years and several times has represented his area at the U.S. Baháí National Convention.

In addition to Awakening, which has been translated into 6 languages, Dr. Ahdieh has co- authored “Abdul Bahá in New York” (translated into three languages), a concise, informative history of Abdul Baha’s activities during his visits to the area; “A Way out of No Way: Harlem Prep –Transforming Dropouts into Scholars-1967- 1977, a Baha’i inspired institute. His new book is comprehensive study about the life of Tahirih and her American contemporaries in English and Persian languages. His upcoming book: Foreigner: From an Iranian village to New York City tells the story of an Iranian Baha’i immigrant to the United States in a series of moving and humorous episodes set against the backdrop of a changing Iran, the plight of Baha’is there, the tumult of the 60’s and 70’s in the U.S..

Recent Interview

Novin TV interview with Dr.Hussein and Tahereh Ahdieh on the book Awakening

نگاه - قسمت بیست و یکم در برنامه این هفته نگاه با دکتر حسین و طاهره عهدیه آشنا می‌شویم که در مورد کتاب صبح بیداری تألیف دکتر حسین عهدیه توضیح میدهند . در بخش موسیقی‌ برنامه ادامه سری کلیپ‌های تصویری با نام "خدمت به نوع بشر" را برای شما پخش خواهیم کرد. نام کلیپ این هفته از سری یاد شده " کمک به بهسازی اجتماع" می باشد