Review of Foreigner by Dr. Eric S. Mondschein, author

Review of Foreigner  by Dr. Eric S. Mondschein, author

The Foreigner by Hussein Ahdieh and Hillary Chapman is a compelling story that will leave the reader in tears one moment and laughter the next. Ahdieh and Chapman present the engrossing story, a memoir, of the life of author Hussein Ahdieh who is the “foreigner.” From his growing up in a small village in Iran to his life in the United States, he was always a “foreigner” - As a member of the Bahá’í Faith living in a Shia Muslim country, where members of that Faith have been despised and persecuted for over a century and a half, to moving to the United States and trying to build a life and make a home in a new nation, as just one of many immigrants from the Middle East. Reading the Foreigner is like sitting with Ahdieh as he tells you of his life and the experiences he has lived and endured. It is an easy read that is poignant and at times provocative, humorous, at other times sad, and yet always informative and filled with hope. It is a very satisfying read. So I encourage you to join Ahdieh and Chapman for a surprising and powerful journey in which laughter mingles with tears and sorrow turns to joy.
Dr. Eric S. Mondschein Author, Life of 12 College Road